PR Training: 

Whether you are climbing the first step in your PR career ladder or are a seasoned PR professional, it is important to keep your skills sharp and your knowledge up-to-date. Training courses in any PR-related activity are customized to suit the needs and requirements of both individuals and corporations.

Media Training:

In order to be an influential spokesperson that creates a long-lasting effect in the minds of the audience during any kind of media interaction, undergoing media training is crucial and vital to reach that goal and achieve success.

Events Planning & Management:

No event is too small or too big! A press conference, an awards ceremony, or a major regional exhibition; the tiniest of details are taken care of to guarantee a successful and flawless event.

Product & Company Launches:

Creating a buzz around your newly launched company or your revolutionary new product is key. All steps related to making the launch a resounding success, and consequently, your company and/or product, will be meticulously handled and organized from beginning to end.

PR Plans & Campaigns:

A step-by-step and detailed monthly, quarterly, or annual campaign will be carefully planned and perfectly executed to achieve the goals and objectives set for your ideas, products, and events.

Social Media: 

The main goal of our social media services is to focus on your company’s various social media platforms, and make sure that it grows in the two-way communication front, as well as grow online and complement the offline image of the brand.

Digital Marketing:

Technology is where it’s it! Therefore, digital marketing plays a big role in the services that we offer, in order to market your company, as well as its products and services, online.


Copywriting is an art! And we are proud to master it! Whether in Arabic or English, your message will be conveyed in the best and most persuasive way possible.

Drafting and Creating PR & Marketing Content:

Creating content for PR and Marketing purposes in both Arabic and English for any kind of collateral, medium, or platform is done tastefully and professionally, all while maintaining the style and tone of voice of your brand.

Message Development:

Message Development is fundamental to the success of any communications planning. In order to make sure that the information conveyed is clear, consistent, and accurate, and to create engagement with the audience, developing key messages is pivotal.

Media Relations:

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the various media outlets and their representatives is of utmost importance. We coordinate directly with them to get news and stories published, as well as producing stories and features.

Analyst Relations:

A significant communications and marketing activity that when carried out correctly, it can enhance visibility, improve credibility, and provide key insights on latest trends, and how to take your brand to the next level.

Crisis Management:

Whatever problem or event that occurs and can potentially threaten your company or your brand, or if you want to be proactive and have a contingency plan at the ready just in case, a thorough, flexible, and strategic plan can be prepared to help deal with the crisis and avoid long-term damages.