testimonials (1)

“Sawsan and I worked together at the news website Albawaba. She brought life to our YouTube channels with her witty, humorous and engaging scripts, which we had turned into voice over videos. When the going gets tough, the Sawsan gets going.” – Arwad Khalifeh, Senior Editor at Roya

“I have worked with Sawsan on 2 occasions, one on my CV and the other on my website material, and in both occasions I found Sawsan to be professional, punctual and flexible as far as handling requests and delivery. As far as performance I am rather fond of Sawsan’s style in producing a piece and feelings that she can invoke in the recipient.” – Farah Mehdawi, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner 

“Working with Sawsan was a great experience. Her love and passion for PR combined with her qualifications and amazing work ethic are what makes her one of the greatest PR professionals. I am happy that even though we don’t work together anymore, but we still keep in touch and benefit from each other’s knowledge and expertise.” – Lucie Aslou- Area Director of Public Relations at IHG

“Sawsan Abu Omar has been a blogger for Gulf Insider Magazine for over a year. Her columns are filled with witty, practical advice relating to the Middle East and international PR industry. Her informed and common sense approach towards PR and marketing is enjoyed by thousands of our readers, both print and online. – Nicholas Cooksey, Publisher at Gulf Insider 

“I used to work with Sawsan Abu Omar at IHG – Jordan Cluster Office and she was the most amazing, helpful and professional person I have ever met in my life and I hope one day we will get back to work together.” – Hanan Sweiss, Marketing Manager at IHG