Time to take a trip down memory lane, ladies! My Millennial girls will definitely relate to today’s blog, as it is all about the celebrities and their music videos that shaped up our fashion sense.

Some of these looks are still on fleek and are totally wearable today. But I am sure that you will agree with me when I say that most of them are better left back, waaaaay back in that dark place of our closet that we would rather never dig anytime soon.

Let us know which song inspired your style the most from the below list!


Wannabe- Spice Girls (1996)

Oh dear Lord. Who can ever forget those insanely high and colorful platform boots craze started by Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) and then worn by the rest of the band members, and eventually us? I remember that a couple of my schoolmates and myself were beyond obsessed with those boots, and we were super ecstatic when a store in Dubai called “Pick N Save” started selling them, so we went and bought them right away. They had yellow, blue, green, and I can’t recall if they had red as well. I got the green ones, and rocked them all spring and summer, thinking I was the coolest kid in town. Well, back then, I was. Thanks Spice Girls for giving us questionable, yet fun fashion ideas!



Don’t Tell Me- Madonna (2000)

Only Madonna can be a cool cowboy chick and convince us to follow suit! Right after that video, all high street stores like Stardivarius, Zara, etc stocked up on those checkered shirts, low-rise and wide legged denim pants, and big buckled belts. We could never be as cool and awesome as Madonna, but at least we didn’t shy away from trying.



Love Don’t Cost A Thing- J.Lo (2001)

That glowing, dewy tan, those gorgeous locks, the cool golden accessories, the whole summer vibes video. Everything about this video was flawless! But the thing that it urged us to do more than anything is rush to Claire’s Accessories and stock up on all their golden bangles, long chained necklaces, and the huge hoop earrings. We were so optimistic to think that a couple of cheap accessories will unleash our inner J.Lo. I believe we are still optimistic that one day she will share her secret with us and we will end up looking eternally youthful and perfect till the day we die. Sigh…



Slave 4 U- Britney Spears (2001)

The song that proved that nothing stays the same, including our sweet and cute and innocent Britney “Hit Me Baby One More Time” Spears. That sexy, sultry video had us all fixated on those extremely low waist jeans. And if we dared- basically after leaving the house- some of us would show off those thongs we were so happy to be painfully wearing, signaling that we are also growing up just like the Princess of Pop is.



Lady Marmalade- Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya, Pink (2001)

Victoria’s Secret act as if they invented the whole “intimate wear as outer wear” look. Pshhhhh apparently their music history education is a little rusty. After this video became a huge hit- along with Moulin Rouge- young girls were dying to rock that bustier, even if they were not blessed in the boob department. And those sexy lingerie camisoles under light cardigans. We felt so edgy and rebellious and too sexy for anyone passing by us. But now looking back at those pictures, it was more of an 18 year old slutty whore look. And that is an understatement.



All I Have- J.Lo (2002)

Back to flawless J.Lo. Living in the Gulf meant that such a music video is only a fantasy that can never be lived. Especially for someone who has never seen snow in their life. That’s why this video was like a Disney movie for most of us. That coat (OK OK she had no pants on, but still), the Coach bag collection, which became hugely popular after that video, that amazing eye makeup, that gooey lip gloss. That’s when you could see all girls everywhere sporting the sticky pout, thanks to Lancome’s Juicy Lip gloss!



Umbrella- Rihanna (2007)

This was such an iconic video that will always feel new, relevant, and forever eternal. Apart from that, and Rihanna’s IDGAF attitude that we all aspire to, who hasn’t had their hair cut in that famous asymmetrical bob (Or at least contemplated it)? And that smokey eye makeup became so popular that MAC and Makeup Forever made a huge profit margin out of black eye shadows alone. And of course, that’s when we were introduced to naturally thick booty and hips (#SorryNotSorry Nicki Minaj and the Kardashian Klan)!


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