The Fashionista Syndrome



With the undeniable popularity of Instagram and Snapchat, a new term has been heavily used- “Fashionista”.

The term “fashionista” was originally used by Stephen Fried in his 1993 biography of supermodel Gia Carangi. He used the word to refer to the entourage of experts and professionals who surround models during their photo shoots. Later on, “fashionista” was used to describe someone who is a fashion devotee and is obsessed with everything fashion.

Time to set the record straight. Not every girl who changes a few outfits and poses every now and then is a fashionista. A fashionista should have her own unique style, she should be a trendsetter instead of merely following trends, she should be able to inspire others and give them ideas on how to style their outfits, mix and match, recycle old looks, etc. She should know how to style Forever 21 or Zara with Dior and Chanel, Rolex with Parfois, Cartier with Accessorize. A fashionista does not mean that all luxury brands threw up on her from head to toe; it is all about knowing how to mix luxury with high street and still look effortlessly chic and infinitely classy.

Also, most of those fashionistas give girls the wrong image and high hopes of becoming famous just because of their clothes, and the filtered and severely photoshopped pictures. Girls should not lose focus on what is truly important; looks and clothes and brands do not define your worth, and do not necessarily make you famous. Of course, as women, we enjoy looking nice all the time and dolled up. But that is not the be all, end all. Focus on building your career, empowering and educating yourself, all while maintaining your looks and your beautiful self. Because “fashionista” in the end is an illusion that won’t last you a lifetime.

In the end, a very important note must be said: It is the public that decides who to call a fashionista. So 90% of the women who use the term fashionista under their pics are far from being one.



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