Adeela- Bringing Humor back to a Humorless Nation



Unless you were living under a rock or inside a cave, every single person in the Arab World has at least heard of the famous (or notorious, depending on whether you are with or against) Facebook page Adeela.

The page started off by narrating the life of the Arabized Adele in funny, witty, and lighthearted posts, memes, and videos. The page gained momentum, as well as an insurmountable increase in the number of fans. Then, the page evolved into criticizing, mocking, and making fun of Arab celebrities; their songs, sense of style, social media posts, you name it. What differentiated Adeela in this regard is that the founder (yes founder, because he is much more than just an admin), was 100% original in the content and material he created, the jokes and comments and sarcasm are extremely funny all while still respecting the fans’ intelligence and wit. Thus, it is a no-brainer that the page is a huge success across the Arab World. However, what raises many questions, as well as eyebrows, is why does the page and its founder get so much hate and shade?

One theory suggests that when the page started, it was a portrayal of a character, a person, a human being. Therefore, people found it only normal to associate with the page as another Facebook “friend”, rather than just a regular parody Facebook page. Which is one of the reasons why the founder of the page gets personal attacks and gets most of the shade in the comments section, as well as Facebook Messenger!

Another idea is that the Adeela page founder singlehandedly did what other Facebook pages (and social media accounts) could never do, and they have several admins working on them! We all follow many Facebook comedy pages, and we can all admit that once a joke or a meme becomes popular on one of them, two hours later, we find that same joke or meme on every single one of those pages. Other pages lack the originality that Adeela enjoys and is clearly evident in all the posts. The passion, dedication, and effort put in is undeniable.

Furthermore, one very significant reason is that we hate to be faced with the truth. We hate to see our inner thoughts, feelings, ideas, fears, and judgments being so perfectly expressed and described right before our eyes. We enjoy living in denial. We hate change. We adore the status quo. We love complacency. We live in still waters and panic when someone challenges all of that. And that is exactly what is happening here.

On a final note, for the sake of full disclosure, I have to say that I had the pleasure of knowing the founder of Adeela in person. And I can confidently say that he has the perfect dosage of the medicine that our part of the world needs desperately: The truth wrapped in original comedy with a hint of sarcasm, and the cherry on top is unmatched sarcasm.





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