Find Your Passion And Live Happily Ever After


Public Relations is beautiful.

Yes, indeed it is.

The reason I am saying this is because this field has opened a door of great opportunities that have led to awesome achievements and proud moments. Of course, this can be accomplished only if you have a real passion for PR. As a matter of fact, achievements and success cannot be reached unless you have true and burning passion for the field you are working in.


It no longer matters what industry you are involved in or what sector you are working in. Success is not specified to doctors or lawyers or engineers these days. Success is your best friend when you have the right skillset, the experience and proper qualifications, and most importantly the endless love for what you are doing.


Your motivation should never be money or big titles. This is actually the perfect recipe for failure. Find what you truly love, even if your parents don’t really understand what it is all about, and go ahead and do it. There is nothing worse than being on your deathbed realizing that you did not really live at all.

Life is already hectic and painful as is. But your career shouldn’t be, or at least it should not a catalyst in that hectic and painful equation.

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