Brands in the Time of Corona


Quarantine photo a1

Unless you were living under a rock (as cliché as this may sound), you are already aware of the pandemic that the whole world is facing.

It is astonishing how a virus has somehow united around 7 billion people. It also stripped us down and showed our true colours, as people, and as governments, and as healthcare systems.

It also proved that some brands are tone deaf. For the most part I understand that some of them are doing business as usual unintentionally and innocently.

Here I am referring to brands, goods, products, and services that are deemed more on the luxury side, especially in times like these. Let’s be honest, no matter how addicted to shopping you are, that playsuit, those sexy high heels, and that new eyeshadow palette can wait. Trust me, a true shopaholic, these all can wait.

So, my lovely brands and online and offline (brick-and-mortar) shops, stores, boutiques, this doesn’t at all mean that you should just sit idle and wait till this crisis is over. Your goal is not to only sell, sell, sell. On the contrary, there are so many things that you can do in order to show your understanding of the matter, effectively communicate with your online community, and to remain relevant and on the same wavelength with regards to everything that is going on at the moment.

Quarantine photo info

Accurate Information: You can share accurate (updated) information on the #Coronavirus and everything related to the pandemic. WHO, Prime Ministry of Jordan, and MOH Dr. Saad Jaber are the most credible sources for this. This is Jordan specific; please refer to the approved sources in your country.

Quarantine photo vibes

Positive Vibes: The above point doesn’t mean that you have to spread panic and fear. You can share uplifting news on recoveries, how societies and countries are handling the pandemic, creativity during curfews, and so on. You can also share some of the funny (note: Funny, not silly or cringeworthy) videos that are on social media and Tik Tok. Feel free to post cute and positive memes too. We need this right now more than the new collection and whatever might be on sale for a limited time only.

Quarantine photo edu

Educational Material: This should be related to your field of expertise or work. Say that you are selling clothes for example. You can post information about fashion designers, what’s trending, the difference between certain cuts and styles, different bodies and what fits them best. Say that you are a graphic designer, you can share information on apps, programs, or software, that can help anyone interested in this field, or online courses. You can give back to the community by giving one-on-one 30 minute long consultation via Skype or phone.

Quarantine photo edu 2

Educating Yourself: This is the perfect time to expand your knowledge in your field, and even beyond. Youtube, blog posts, published articles and reviews, free online courses, and books are the way to go.

Quarantine photo revamp 2

Revamp Your Business: If you were planning to give your business a new look, do it now! Be it updating your website, the content, expanding into new line of products or services. If anything this pandemic and lockdown has taught us, it is definitely not to waste any more time and to get things done now!

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