TRIED & TESTED: An Easy Guide to a Successful Event


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It is a known fact that event organizing and management is a very important part of all PR professionals’ work. The success of any event depends on preparing a checklist that covers all event requirements, an understanding of the event objective, what the client is looking for, being creative and being able to invent and reinvent ideas and concepts, as well as being ready to tackle any surprises along the way!

So to make your life easier, make sure that the below checklist is part of your PR existence at all times:

  • Check the proposed date of the event in case it coincides with a public holiday or an important national date/anniversary.
  • Guest List that includes their names and contact details.
  • Invitations: These can be either actual printed invitations or electronic.
  • Budget and budget breakdown, as well as an amount allocated for contingency plans are all defined.
  • List of suitable venues.
  • Check if there are certain permits or licenses that you should get for the event.
  • Approaching sponsors or partners.
  • Seating arrangement: Theater style, classroom style, cabaret style, boardroom style, etc.
  • Food & Beverage and Catering: Cocktail reception, seated dinner, buffet, pass-around.
  • Running Order.
  • MC: Selecting a competent Master of Ceremonies.
  • A/V equipment.
  • Branding the venue: Signage, backdrop, roll-ups, etc.
  • Photography and Videpgraphy.
  • Press Kits: Folder, press release, Bio of important people involved (if necessary), FAQ, Important documents related to the event, USB or CD.
  • Goody Bag: A bunch of small gifts or one major gift to be given to each attendee, as well as things to be used at the event or after.
  • Welcome Desk: Should have someone to welcome and greet the guests, and collect their business cards, in addition to keeping track of the attendance and attendees.
  • Content Writing and Preparation: Speeches, presentation, MC notes, press release, bios, FAQ.
  • Hashtag: Create a hashtag that is short, sweet, and unique to the event.
  • Social Media: A designated team member to be in charge of posting on social media in real time.
  • Scheduling: Make sure a detailed schedule is prepared that includes when social media and print media content are sent out to media outlets and posted on social media platforms.
  • Media List: Of course, a media list with the relevant media outlets should be prepared to be invited (if the event merits that), as well as sending PR materials to them.
  • Coverage Report: A report that includes all PR clippings, as well as social media statistics should be prepared and shared with senior management (if you are working in-house), or to the client. This also includes an evaluation on the success of the event.

The most important advice is PLAN AHEAD OF TIME! Nothing good comes out of last minute preparations!


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