Becoming a Style Icon is as easy as saying “Chanel”



It does not matter what your budget is, the below tips will guarantee that any lady will look like a real princess who exudes classiness and radiates style wherever she is and whatever she does.

Gentle reminder: We are all beautiful! Full stop!



Minimal Well-blended Makeup:

There is nothing more refreshing than simple makeup that does not look cakey or does not look like you put way too much effort. The objective is to look pretty and fresh, not a Geisha.

The essentials are: Primer, Foundation (Make sure that the summer foundation is a different shade than the winter one; you don’t want to look like you have a mask on after all), Transparent setting loose powder, Eyeliner, Eye Pencil, Waterproof Mascara, Dark Blusher to softly contour the nose, cheekbones, below the chin, Highlighter, Lipstick/Lipgloss (Make sure you have different shades that go with different circumstances, events, and social settings, as well as take you from morning and evening).

As for the contouring craze, don’t do it unless you know very well how to blend and how to contour. Otherwise, you will look like you were rolling in mud. And it is better to keep it for a big event or a big night out, or a wedding.

And pretty please, stay away from the very obvious fake eyelashes. We women can clearly tell if lashes are real or fake, so it is useless to use extremely long and fake eyelashes. Also, ladies who wear fake eyelashes to work every morning, why?! Really, why?!



Invest in Classic Jewelry Pieces:

Trust me when I tell you, diamonds are really a girl’s best friend! Having classic pieces of jewelry that will go with everything you wear and will last you a lifetime (and are considered valuable assets too!) is never a waste of money. A pair of small and elegant diamond stud earrings, a matching necklace with a diamond stud pendant, as well as a simple and classic cut diamond ring will go a long, a very long way. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from that are suitable for every budget.




Ahh the power of the Little Black Dress! This is a wardrobe staple that every woman should have in her closet. With the right hairstyle, makeup, accessories, and shoes, the LBD is perfect for that very big business meeting, that hot date, that media event, and that gossip session outing with the girls. With the LBD, you can never go wrong!



Hello, Tailor:

For that perfect crisp shirt, the perfectly hemmed tailored pants, the dress that hugs your body in all the right places, it is important to have a very good tailor on speed dial. Most clothing garments require that little push to make it look effortlessly chic on you, especially that the perfect fit makes a $100 outfit look like $1000, so having a tailor is absolutely worth it.



Happy Feet:

Footwear is as important as the outfit you are wearing. Therefore, they can make or break your outfit. So you have to be very picky when shopping for shoes. Make sure that your shoes are versatile in a sense that they can be used both with your work suit, as well as with your sexy flexy bandage dress.

Other than the classic cuts and styles, and if you would like to add variety to your shoe closet, find out which shoes are IT that season, and invest in them!

P.S. From personal experience, Dior and Gucci have the most comfortable shoes ever, including high heels! And EVERY woman should have at least one pair of the famous red-soled Christian Louboutin!



Manicure & Pedicure:

It might be weird, but so many people make manicure/pedicure contact before eye contact! It might not seem so important, but having your talons in tip top shape is a strong indication of your attention to detail, hygiene, and that you are taking care of your overall look.



Hairy Situations:

There is absolutely no excuse for not taking care of your hair. Your hair speaks volumes (it does!) of how much attention you pay to your appearance, and how much you find it to be important. It is a hassle to get your hair done every single time you take a shower, especially for businesswomen, or women with generally hectic and busy lives, but a sleek ponytail, a cute bun with a band, as well as the famous French twist do go a long way! Also, make sure that you have dry shampoo at the ready for those late-to-work-no-time-for-shower mornings!



Say NO to VPL:

OK, VPL (Visible Panty Lines) are a huge NO-NO. You can be impeccably dressed, but it will completely ruin and cheapen your look. Before you go out, check your outfit in the mirror (front and back) and make sure that you are a VPL-free zone!

(Tip: White outfits require nude undies, not white!)




Know Your Body and How to Flaunt It:

So now everyone knows that not all women are a size 0! And not all women have the same measurements! We are all unique and that’s what makes us beautiful. Therefore, just because long pleated skirts are trendy this season, does not mean that you are obliged to buy and wear a long pleated skirt if it does not look nice on you. Have your own style that makes your body even more stunning than it already is. Don’t be a fashion victim. Don’t be someone who blindly follows fashion just for the sake of it. What makes us stand out is our style, not the specific clothes we are wearing. Know your body type, understand your shape, and take your time in experimenting until you know what fits you. Always remember, if fashion is uncomfortable, then it is not really fashion.




All of the above is useless if you lack confidence. And why wouldn’t you be confident? You are beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, hard worker in whatever it is you are doing, and you deserve to be happy and to flaunt confidence right, left and center! Remember, we were born to love ourselves, it is the society that tells us otherwise!


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